Fastest Growing Free From Bakery Brand in the UK, Promise Gluten Free, Launches Two New Bagels with Sainsbury’s

Promise Gluten Free is delighted to announce that its latest free from product, bagels, will be carried by Sainsbury’s, one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains. This latest innovation targets the morning goods segment which is in strong growth.

The products are made with upgraded manufacturing equipment for a perfectly shaped bagel, new recipes, and reduced packaging. This underscores Promise Gluten Free’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, mainstream, and delicious gluten free baked goods to its growing customer base.

This latest innovation is further evidence of Promise responding to increased consumer demand for greater variety and healthier alternatives to long-existing staples. In addition to Promise’s longstanding relationship with Sainsbury’s, in November 2023, Promise Gluten Free secured a listing with Morrisons for its best-selling Soft White and Multi Grain loaves across 400 stores and in 2022, Tesco added Promise to its Free From bakery product category. Promise is currently the fastest growing gluten free bakery brand in the UK, a very strong market leader in its home country of Ireland and recently became the number one player in Canada, where it has been responsible for all the category growth over the past two years.

At Promise Gluten Free, we are redefining how consumers view the gluten free baked goods category, with more than 40% of consumers now open to consuming free from bakery products out of need but also choosing to do so for health and wellness reasons,” commented Patrick O’Sullivan, CEO of Promise Gluten Free. “We have worked hard to continue innovating to make nutritious and great tasting products every day. Promise is bridging the gap between gluten free and mainstream bread which means there is massive growth potential for our brand. We are very appreciative and delighted that Sainsbury’s has agreed to expand the Promise range further in their stores, bringing our world-class gluten-free products to more UK consumers than ever before.